IC - Week8 - "Pictures can't tell stories...

....because they are still". These are the words of Jeff Wall recorded during the interview by Marc-Christoph Wagner at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. It is one of the most interesting and inspiring interviews I have listened. I agree with almost everything Wall is talking about in regards to the process of creation, interestingly though I am not an admirer of his works. I can appreciate the determination to visualise the idea and indisputable technical qualities but there is nothing in most of his images which I find interestig apart from one: "The sudden gust of wind" which is just a masterpiece.  

It is very impressive how he can articulate his intentions and a way of thinking and making in such an unpretentious and concise way. Some of the thoughts/statements I found very interesting:

He describe one of the qualities characteristic to his processes as observance.

A picture not accompanied by any verbal description has to be interpret as a poem.

"Picture making, of any kind, (...) expresses the acceptance of the way things are."

"...sense of liking the appearance of things" is another characteristic aspect of his creative process.

Inability to planning ahead. Not looking for the subjects but observing and reacting to the opportunities carried by the life. Accidents arouse from the everyday situations - any situation can set up a starting point for the new idea.

Pictures are make in occurrence of things or in an absence of occurrence.

His photographs are constructed snapshots where the snapshot opportunity is contemplated through meticulous phase of recreating, constructing/composing the image ('near documentary photographs'): ”One of the most interesting aspects of art, any of the Arts, is composition" and the act of making.

The nature of the picture changes through the time of making it.He enjoys the artistic aspect of making/creating which changes his relation to photography. He is not artistically satisfied by taking picture spontaneously.