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Shape of Light at TATE Modern

My planned trip to London to visit the 'Shape of light' at Tate Modern coincided with the Offprint book Fair and Photo London Fair at Somerset House. As I expected it was way too much to see during one day. Luckily I started at Tate and spend a lot of time inside the beautifully design rooms of 'Shape of light' without rushing.

It was one of the best exhibitions I ever saw. I haven't seen many, especially during the last six years which I spent hibernated in the village, but enough to have some reference. It is perhaps partially a result of my interest in abstract, unconventional photography woken up during the last year of the course but I am convinced that this exhibition would stay in my memory even if that was not the case. It wasn't just the demonstration of the variety of photographic techniques and approaches. The collection of works was interesting, engaging, thought provoking and inspiring. 

I was amazed especially by the Babara Kasten large mixed media quadriptych. The combination of the abstract painterly texture and the photographically captured moire forms was surprising and beautiful. I didn't know that the combination of those two mediums may result in such an amazing manifestation of the integrity as they are widely perceived as opposite.


The other works which I knew from her website surprised me too with the scale and detail quality. 

There was quite a few artists showcased that I've never come across in my research.