FMP - Experiments/Visual research

I always felt it is an easy trick to draw on the photograph but I decided to let it happen just as an experiment - the drawing, scribbling, writing on the top of the photographic fabric. The aggregations of lines just happened spontaneously and intuitively. Record of a moment, thoughts, emotions but not by the mechanism of the camera but my own biological mechanism. Not much difference since I can hardly control the shapes. I can only decide if I want to keep that record or not which applies to images captured photographically too.

I realised that there is an another dichotomy in those images - the language of selected/recorded external world and the visually manifested inner voice. Duality of expression. I had again that thought that I am also an apparatus.

I will continue my digital sketchbook. It is an another channel of releasing the involuntary forms. Perhaps something interesting will come up "by accident".

Digital sketchbook


All images by Rita Rodner