FMP - Writing the Final Project proposal

The Final Project Proposal is submitted. It was tough but gave me a clear indication of where I am and what is, more or less, ahead. 

I have the concept and the range of methods but the details of the visual approach are still unclear and fluid. Because of that I focused in my proposal on the very general outline of what the project will/may consist of, based on the current research. I noticed that some things changed already in compare to what I sketched out in the initial Pecha Kucha presentation at the beginning of the module. I decided to not focus too much about dualities of my personality. It is a subject on its own and to address perhaps in the future. 

So, the main areas of focus are now reduced to dichotomies in nature/universe, culture and those specific to photographic medium and the post-internet image-making in general. The research so far made me realised that I am dealing with one of the fundamental mechanisms which govern the structure of the natural word and the human culture and I feel both overwhelmed and excited about what I will explore further during the next months.

One of the advice I received was to focus perhaps on the online ways of dissemination. I like that idea although, the same as in case of exhibition or book, it sounds like a big challenge as it will be something new and I don't even know at the moment what tools/software are available to make it happen. Something I will surely research soon to find out.