FMP - Noemie Goudal

I researched the work of Noemie Goudal's recommended by my tutor Wendy McMurdo during the last 1:2:1.

Gaudal works are indeed very relevant to my current practice and the Dichotomies project I am working on. In her experimental and conceptual works the nature is confronted with constructed references to cultural objects. The works challange the perception of reality and expose the ‘world-making’ ability of the photographic medium.

"Noémie Goudal’s practice is an investigation into photographs and films as dialectical images, wherein close proximities of truth and fiction, real and imagined offer new perspectives into the photographic canvas. The artist questions the potential of the image as a whole, reconstructing its layers and possibilities of extension, through landscapes’ installations."

In some of her projects (Observatoires, Towers) Gaudal creates an illusion of the real place by setting up the two-dimentional, printed representations of the existing three-dimentional architectural object in the neutral, serene landscapes. There is an surreal feel and otherwordly beauty emanating from those constructions. The illusion of the real situation is very strong and it provoke the reflections on the perception. 

Screenshot from the  Naomi Gaudal website

Screenshot from the Naomi Gaudal website