FMP - Collaboration

Dichotomies are intrinsic to our human existence. Everyone is expose to, affected or, as Levi-Strauss would say - born with the tendency to think and understand the world through dichotomies/binary oppositions.

Because of that fact that everyone experienced and may have some reflections on the subject of dualities - I am thinking about some sort of collaboration with other people who I'll be able to convince to take part  in the project. I'd like to document the other people perception of dualities which will make the project reacher and more interesting.

I don't have any clear idea of what will be the form of the collaboration but I know it have to be not very effortful way to make sure it will actually happen.

I contacted very recently one of the artists I "know" only from the Instagram - Irina Stanciulescu. We've never met before but both have the feelings that we have a lot in common. Perhaps it is thanks to her blog where she writes about the transformations she is/was going through during the last years, triggered by the medically unexplained loss of hair - that I have the feeling I actually met her. I was deeply moved by both the story and the way she wrote about her traumatic experience. Every sentence brings thoughtful and honest reflections and statements which I identify so much with. What helped her to not be absorbed into the abbys of depression, self-pity and anger was the journey to learn about the roots of our existence, the connection with the nature/universe. She worked out her relation with world from scratch, out of the environment she lived in as a succesfull professional ads producer and is now a freelancer doing beautiful jewellery and graphic design.

I contacted Irina and asked if she would be interested in some kind of collaboration in the context of my project. I was thinking primarily about doing together a material piece - using any medium but I was predominantly thinking about the small object made of silver. Our correspondence took us to the decision about the long term collaboration - or at least the attempt, and we begun our shared wonders about the selected subjects. The result will be a selection of individual pieces and ones we will create together (one started by me and the other by Irina). It is exciting to think about the potential outcomes of the blend of two-persons approaches. The context of Dichotomies blurred out a bit but it will come up -there is no rush. As I thought primarily - every work created by two persons is of the dichotomous nature (me/you) regardless of the subject.