FMP - Project development - screen recordings

"...You don’t have to know your project, you have to trust your feelings, you have to let it go"....

With those words Siam Davey articulated beautifully during the talk today what I keep repeating to myself for the last month - trust your instinct, do what feels good and exciting and all those pieces will start to match, bound together and make sense. I am trying to do exactly that but the fact that there is a limited time for this project and defined assignments to submit at the end of it, all that doesn't make it as easy as it could be in the case of any other project.

I am fighting with the recurring thought that I should produce the visually consistent works which is not really where the project is heading at the moment. It makes me nervous and I keep searching for the method which would allow me to link the images with some visual clue. I am finding an amazing ways of constructing the images which is so absorbing that I am sometimes forgetting about the project subject. It is very characteristic to the way I work although it wasn't always like that. I sure I am going to stop when I will finally find that method/processes which I feel are 'mine'. It feels like I am on the spiral and getting closer and closer the centre.

I continue to work with the images of decaying bee. There is a sense of physicality and transciency of organic matter conveyed in those shots which is perfect to contrast with the algorithmic, abstract forms.

I am screen recording the animations of the algorithmically generated forms on the top of the image. The slow movement of the mathematically defined forms is hypnotic. I have a feeling that those forms are actually the growing plants, organic and alive.