FMP - "On the Verge of Photography"

"On the Verge of Photography"

"infinite bifurcation between the virtual and the real" (Rubinstein, Golding, Fisher p.8)

“What can the digital-born image tell us about the categories and concepts previously used to define photography, like the archive, truth, memory and the temporalities of the image as an index of the past? What can the contemporary image tell us about these cherished categories of photography theory, which no longer seem to describe it adequately? If there is one thing to grasp in the face of the digital-born image, it is that we don’t know what an image is any more. Rather than dwelling on this as a crisis, one might ask what can we do with this insight?” (Rubinstein, Golding, Fisher p.11)


  • Daniel Rubinstein, Johnny Golding & Andy Fisher, 2013, "On the Verge of Photography" , ARTicle Press, Birmingham, UK