FMP - Aerogel

Aerogel is one of those fascinating materials I've read about in the "Stuff matters" by Mark Miodownik. 

In the pure form it consist of 99,8% of air and despite being one of the lest dens materials (since 2013 aerographene is the least dens) it is the best thermal insulator. 

After a weeks of thinking I finally decided to purchase the tiny bit of Silica Aerogel from the online shop of the Aerogel Technologies, LLC. The tiny Classic Silica disc and aerogel particles together with mega expensive shipping to UK cost me more that a hundred pounds but it was definitely worth it. 

The material is very fragile and even though I am really careful with holding it, there are already some significant chips on the edges. It doesn't matter as much though and it is incredible to be able to see, touch and photograph it.

Apart from the dichotomous qualities I was aware of (the fragility on one side and the very strong insulation properties) I was amazed to observe the colour variation of the material which can be perceived as blue on dark and yellowish on light background. The shadow in natural light is also yellow. All those qualities together make it really exceptional matter.

The images though stand out from the rest of the works I created so far. Perhaps together with the gallium and wolfram shots and the compositions with graphite and graphene some of those photograps would work well but how to 


All images by Rita Rodner