FMP - Still exploring

The experiments with photograms, especially the cutting of the prints into irregular geometric pieces and composing with some fund plant twigs, lead me to current compositions which comprise of the cuts of transparent or paper prints, tape, pieces of plants and the dynamic algorithmic shapes which I 'catch' in various configurations. For the images below I used some new piece of browser based generator of geometric forms found on the Codepen portal and slightly modified. I am back to my method of capturing the blend of digitally displayed forms and some shapes in front of the screen.

I am still around the same dichotomies - the real/virtual, digital/physical, human/nonhuman, abstract/representational, organic/geometric....I think this will be a core of this project as I really feel the resistance inside when thinking about some specific, more tangible dichotomous examples, perhaps there is not time for those yet.

What is emerging from the works so far is the reflection on the dichotomous nature of the photographic medium and the contemporary post-internet world. Dualities/binary opposition/divisions/polarities are present on every level of our existence. Some are fundamental and absolute - those which constitute the cosmic order observed in nature and physical phenomenons, the rest is a result of our human tendency to construct or define the opposites in almost everything around us. It's the way to understand things which is pretty handy and harmless if understood as a variety of options which not exclude but complement each other.

The harmony of various ontologically different forms is slowly emerging from my works but I am wondering if that is something only I can feel and see or there is something interesting and aesthetically pleasing for the potential viewer too.


All images by Rita Rodner