FMP - Lens culture review

At the beginning of July I submitted a couple of series of my works created during the last year and some single more recent works. Two images were featured in the competition gallery which was great to see but also reflect on the consequences of the way I deal with the dissemination of my works.


One of the selected by Lens Culture editors images was the one which I created spontaneously as a "digital sketch" and although I like it and it does have a lot to do with the project I am working on, it feels a bit too graphic and "easy". I imagined that this image (although I really don't believe it's possible) was a winner in some category and became actually my most popular image online. I wouldn't be very happy about that, so the lesson is to submit in the future ONLY those works which I feel are best and which I'd like to be labelled with.


I also submitted the body of work "Space furnishing" for the free review and just received the written feedback. It is the series of images I worked on in the previous module. In those works the reflections on the multidimensional dichotomies of the photographic medium become more prominent and led me to the choice of the subject for the FMP. 

The review is thorough and very informative. I wonder if it is actually in the scope of those reviews to feedback the constructive criticism... Perhaps not but I hope whatever is written is honest. I found some comments resonating with my own reflections and it is very helpful to hear the objective confirmation of my thoughts. Apart from the analysis of the works there are olso some useful references to written materials and some artists I haven't heard about - Geraldo de Barros for example.

"I selected to review your submission as your work, upon sight, immediately spoke to me - I find it original, refreshing and stimulating in many ways. You have created a lyrical, complex and beautiful body of work. They are stunning captures of space but also dimension, time and stillness. Well done." (LC reviewer)