FMP - Project developement -Different approaches

I still don't have the clear vision of the final edit but I am more comfortable now with the fact that it will be a combination of various methods and approaches. Perhaps it is the only way to convey the omnipresence of the dichotomies. The project comprise so far straight still life images, abstract constructed compositions, mixed media works and camera-less darkroom prints. I feel less stressed about the variety of methods but there is still a lot to do in therms of the visual coherence.

I am quite happy with the most recent works although the narrative about the dichotomous nature of photography is a bit diluted. But the works are the result of my reflections and explorations within this subject so perhaps I don't have to be so strict. The initial vision for this project as a form of illustrative guide about dichotomies still influence my thinking. I am on the verge of two different approaches, one more rational, typological, the other - abstract and irrational, free from obvious narrative and based on the instinct and excitement with the NEW.

In the works below I used the cutouts from the printed organic and algorithm forms on the transparent acetate sheet. The interplay of forms is enriched by the strong shadows which because of being translucent, cast an interesting patterns on the paper. It is again the fusion of forms with many different origins and again the border between what is real and virtual, lasting and ephemeral, deliberate and involuntary, etc is blurred.



All images by Rita Rodner