FMP - Body and mind

Today I was reading some short stories written by one of my favourite authors - Olga Tokarczuk and there was a sentence which made me think about the dichotomy of the creative processes, the state of flow when the mind is immersed in a pure bliss of making the new, whatever it is. I thought about the opposite condition of the body and mind based on my own experience. While body is exhausted after the intensive act of creation, the mind gain the spiritual energy, grow, lift up... There is a balance between the body and mind...The physical work of our hands, eyes, brain cells makes us tired but also spiritually energised and happy.

This reminded me of the idea to illustrate the body/mind dichotomy based on another very inspiring recent reading about the Democritus and his concept of the atomic structure of the world. 

"In common with other early ancient theories of living things, Democritus seems to have used the term psychê to refer to that distinctive feature of living things that accounts for their ability to perform their life-functions. According to Aristotle, Democritus regarded the soul as composed of one kind of atom, in particular fire atoms. This seems to have been because of the association of life with heat, and because spherical fire atoms are readily mobile, and the soul is regarded as causing motion. Democritus seems to have considered thought to be caused by physical movements of atoms also. This is sometimes taken as evidence that Democritus denied the survival of a personal soul after death, although the reports are not univocal on this." Sylvia Berryman , Democritus,  Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy


Berryman, Sylvia, "Democritus", The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Winter 2016 Edition), Edward N. Zalta (ed.), URL = <>.