FMP - "Experiments with Google"

I was searching for the good visualisations of the Fibonacci numbers in the form of the tree and found very good one on the platform created by Google which I have never come across before:

There are a lot of amazing web base experiments there using the Chrome, Android, AI, WebVR and AR. The algorithmic visualisations can be run in most browsers without any plugins.

It is all moving so fast now, really difficult to be up to date with the new technology and it is rather out of my reach to create works using that new cutting edge methods but I am trying to understand what is happening and adapt some bits and pieces, as much as I am able to my practice.

I used only CodePen page so far to find some interesting open source pieces of algorithmic 3D visualisations. I learned how to add the lines of code which allow to place any image/video as a background. I also play with other parameters like camera position, size of objects etc. This are a random values since I don't really understand what result I can expect when changing the numbers but it gives me step by step some basic understanding of the structure of the algorithms and so far it is quite straightforward. Perhaps it is possible to learn the basics to code some simple animations using Three.js which is a Javascript 3D library without a proper knowledge about programming?...

There are a lot of pieces out there which are reusing the same fragments of code and only differs visually. or in the way user can interact with them. The one I use recently is particularly popular. The geometric linear structures floating in the space abstract space, spinning, growing, moving, appearing and disappearing. It is really hypnotising to watch them in that flow of their digital life.