FMP - Filip Berent

From the series "Monomyth" © Filip Berendt

From the series "Monomyth" © Filip Berendt

Filip Berent's works are one of those which drew my attention during the Photo London this year. I walked through the exposition of the L'etragerie gallery couple of times and took some folders with information to not forget his name. Very striking and intriguing compositions which combine sculpture, painting and photography.

Cat Lachowskyj on the Lens Culture wrote:

Polish artist Filip Berendt addresses these obstacles in his photographic works by incorporating sculpture, painting and graphics into his multimedia projects. While his final pieces are ultimately photographic prints, the images act as portals into his strenuous, layered thought process, full of specific selections and constructions gradually built up using the differing mediums. In particular, his project Monomythacts as a record of his memories from hallucinatory experiences with ayahuasca. Interview by Cat Lachowskyj

Aesthetically Berent's works are precisely constructed planes of colour, texture and photographic tissue. The abstract forms recall the Bauhaus school and Russian constructivism. In my opinion the very analytically constructed configurations of precisely created geometric forms take over the more emotional and story-telling qualities of the photographic images. It is a quite unexpected translation of the "hallucinatory experiences". The works on they own dont tell me that.

I like those compositions a lot though. Perhaps because the concept of joining other media with photography is very close to me especially at the very moment. But it is not just that. The compositions are very strong and the colours are just brilliant. There is both a monumentalism and lightness there.