FMP - Darkroom at home

I thought it will be easier to find the darkroom to hire in my area... I gave up after a couple of unsuccessful attempts to contact those I was able to find online with relatively low hire rates. Instead, I bought all the necessary accessories for making the photograms, contact prints and luminograms and set up everything in my room at home. It worked even though I did not covered the windows properly and had some small leaks of light from the night street lamps. It’s not a ideal solution but the best I could come up really for now and I am really glad I have the flexibility of using it whenever I have some new ideas to verify.

Since the time I had the first 5-day session in Falmouth University darkroom I moved on with my explorations to new areas of the computational forms: the source code, algorithmic/fractal trees and some other new 3D browser web animations found on CodePen and Google Experiments pages.

The new photograms and luminograms represent those new forms and I am pretty happy with this new direction, especially the elements of the source code which I played with for weeks using the transfer technique.



All photographs by Rita Rodner