FMP - Exhibition venue and date

For some time I was convinced I will not organise any gallery exhibition and instead do some anti-exhibition somewhere outdoor and without any audience. I still like the idea but decided to challenge myself a bit and try to go out of my comfort zone.

So, I contacted the Centrala gallery in Birmingham created by Polish PEA non -profit organisation with aim to promote the eastern block artists which seems to be blurred out now and the place operates like a regular cultural venue and it’s quite active on the Birmingham art scene. I was there at the end of August just to see again the space as it was quite long ago when I was there last time. The space is just enough to fit the small 2D exhibition. I asked if there is a chance to squeeze me somewhere in November but the person dealing with the schedule wasn’t there. I sent the official submission online couple of weeks later and in two days I got the “Yes” and two date slots proposition - one in October and one at the end of November.

The November works for me so it will be a week from 27th of November till 2nd December. It will be a firs solo exhibition after a six years break so quite exciting.

The white walls and black floor seems perfect for the works which will be predominantly rather dark. I am thinking of using the floor for some flat symbol display too.