FMP - 'Aquarelle' transfer prints

For the last weeks, I kept working with the method of transferring the print from the acetate sheet to paper using water which gives the printed forms painterly qualities. I wasted tons of paper, ink, acetate sheets and time and I am not really sure if I will use any of those works. There is something still not there. I probably imagined something impossible. The method is really addictive and gives me so much pleasure just because I am dealing with the structure of the image and physicality of paper. The moment when the blank sheet of paper absorb the print is amazing, unfortunately, it is all under the acetate sheet which I had to peel off and that is the very frustrating part. If there is too much water everything wash away, smudge and blur, if there is not enough water on the surface or it is unequally applied - the acetate fibre stick to the paper like a tape and peel off together with the layer of the paper...

Its very tricky. But when everything is right the forms are incredible. The colour changes completely, there are some watery streaks but the details of the printed forms are recognisable. I then draw some other forms to create the composition which combines the computer-generated shapes turned into watercolour quality structures and my own intentional elements.



All images by Rita Rodner