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Two year of writing the course related posts became a habit. During the last month I felt many times that I’d like to make a notes about whats going on. And here I am. The first post-MA entry.

So first I will briefly catch up with the nearly two months gap in writing.

In December I submitted my Final Major Project and associated with it assignments. I felt totally drained after the months of hard work and very painful events in my private life. But recovering time did not last long. Soon after Christmas I worked in the darkroom again. Too many ideas waited impatiently.

The first was the laptop luminogram. I recorded the image on the screen but also the physical interface which was possible thanks to illuminated keybord. I am really happy with it. I captured the representation of the virtual and physical. The Finder view is great - the new dark Mojave interface really helped to capture the screen beautifully. Bright mode would most definitelly turned out overexposed.

It feels like addiction to work with cameraless methods. I want to do some chemigrams which supposed to be very straightforward but for this I’ll wait until I move to a new place.

Yes. Moving. To my very own place. I though about that for very long and can’t really find a better solution that move out and rent something for myself which will be close to my work so I can finally have a break from long and tiring commuting and save at least two hours a day. But most of all I’ll have a space to work. My flat will be my studio. I realised I want it more than anything right now. It will be an expensive move but I don’t care.

I am moving to the new flat in one week. I found a flat nine minutes from my work and with the river view! I am happy but also worrying about everything. I’d love to stop worrying but as always I am afraid to be happy so I think of all possible negative aspects of moving to big town on my own with a hope to maintain the current relationship. I need a lot of freedom and space for myself but I don’t like to feel alone. It will be a big change.

So a lot has happened during the last month. Looking for a flat, trying to prepare stuff for removal. Lots of doubts but also hope that it will all work somehow and I’ll like the new life. In between all that I worked on everything I missed during the last years of studying - painting, jewellery, sketching, taking photographs just for pleasure. But I need a lot of time to find my way in those mediums again. Nothing is the same as it was two year ago. I wanted it. Now I need to adapt to new situation with other tools.

I continue to develop the source code and glyphs motif by trying different approaches, mixing mediums and just experimenting.

Anti-information. Sketch. Rita Rodner

Anti-information. Sketch. Rita Rodner

From sketchbook