IC - Week 2 - Project development

I am equipped with some techniques and methods of image-making developed during the last months which I want to now use to produce the body of work with more 'tangible sense of reality' (Szarkowski p. ) but still focusing on the qualities I am most interested with - the form, colour, texture, rhythm etc.

I am playing with the ways of 'drawing' shapes when recording the image with the long exposure but the effects are not really what I want yet. I'd like to see the trace of the movement, the black line of gesture. I definitely failed with achieving what I wanted but I found some side effects of that experiment quite interesting - I like the dark blurry shapes of my arm, a trace of my presence in this space... It's easier with light, and I have some good results on the images below of the path left by the LED lamp I moved during the exposure.  

I am going to continue to explore the methods of generating the shapes photographically and building the composition by adding layers using the rephotography and eventually adapt them to the concept of 'Impossible places' which I begun to sketching out recently.

I'd like to build the compositions which are based on the reall places but add the various forms and objects to it, to create the irreal, abstract space. So the initial records of the place will become a stage, or frame, for the further 'play' of shapes/objects.

I am hoping to convey my obsessive tendency to see the formal structures in the mundane surroundings, the potential of places, essence of objects stripped out of they functions and meanings, and the constant flow of matter and energy. Hopefully it will all become clearer as the work progress.

Some initial shots:


  • Szarkowski, John (2007) "The photographers eye", The Museum of Modern Art