On Dichotomies

On dichotomies’ is a visual reflection on the phenomenon of binary oppositions.

The idea for this project originates in the observations of the complexity of the photographic medium and its multidimensional dualities, underpinned by the realisation that the subject of dichotomies is an important and continually returning motif in my practice.

The fact that dichotomous pairs are, or can be, harmonious and complementary despite their seemingly conflicting nature, became to me at some point distinct and significant. I realised that it is not necessary to choose between two opposite options because they can coexist in harmony.

This simple thought became the project’s central narrative. The works are a study of the synergy between the pairs of opposites observed in the physical world - but this is just where I began. What lies at the heart of this project is an attempt to convey the harmony of the abstract and universal dichotomies reflected in dualities intrinsic to the photographic medium.

Through the various photographic methods and processes, I address the common binary oppositions such as virtual and material, digital and analogue, geometric and organic or human and non-human, to name just a few. I blend the forms of different origins asking what is real in the contemporary, post-internet world.